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Active innovation process drives new ideas


voxeljet is ranked among the "Top 100" most innovative companies in Germany

Innovation pays off: voxeljet is ranked among the 100 top innovators in Germany and receives the "Top 100" hallmark of excellence. This success is based on the actively driven innovation process at voxeljet.

On the evening of 2 July 2010, Lothar Späth awarded voxeljet the "Top 100" hallmark of excellence in Rostock Warnemünde. The company receives the distinction for its great innovative strength in the development of 3D printing technology. In addition to producing 3D polymeric printers, voxeljet offers high-tech services in the areas of sand moulds, cast parts and plastic parts as well as printing and dosing solutions.

Innovations don't come about by accident at voxeljet, but are the result of a clear strategy. The company runs a special innovation programme, which systematically supports and encourages ideas from staff members. The decision as to whether an idea is pursued or not is made in discussions between the innovator, management and the team concerned. If the company implements an idea, the staff members who were instrumental in its conception receive an incentive bonus.

55 creative employees at the Augsburg company are continually submitting new ideas. With a great deal of inventive talent and technical know-how, the engineers are always bringing new perspectives to the sector worldwide. At the heart of this innovative drive is the management team headed by Dr. Ingo Ederer. This team is in charge of maintaining the essential contacts to universities and cooperation partners, is responsible for patent strategy and is also intrinsically involved in the development guidelines. This planned approach results in a remarkably high speed of innovation.


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