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Sand moulds in XXL format


voxeljet AG continues to expand its product line in the service sector. The Augsburg-based company is opening a new chapter in sand moulds in Europe's largest service centre for on-demand production of metal-casting moulds and models. "Thanks to investments in machinery in our new Friedberg plant near Augsburg, we can begin generating sand moulds in XXL format, specifically moulds with a volume of up to eight cubic metres," says voxeljet Managing Director Dr. Ingo Ederer. "Our ability to produce moulds with dimensions of 4 x 2 x 1 metres is unique worldwide."

The voxeljet process means that users benefit from significant savings in time and money. The moulds are generated automatically and without tools in a layering process, based on 3D CAD data. The laborious and costly route to the otherwise necessary mould set-up is dispensed with.

However, the expanded equipment in the voxeljet service centre also earns high marks in terms of speed and flexibility. The machine operates at three times the build speed of smaller 3D printers, but with the same resolution and precision. In addition, the enormous build space allows for the production of extremely large individual moulds, although it can also be used flexibly to produce diverse moulds simultaneously as needed. "Small batches can be generated particularly easily and economically in the enormous build space," says Ederer.

Thanks to the mastery of layering processes at the fastest speeds anywhere, it takes only a few working days to complete a project, from order placement to delivery of the finished moulds. We can produce even complex geometries with undercuts on our in-house machines. All moulds feature maximum detail accuracy and precision.


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