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Joint initiative for Additive Manufacturing


Generative manufacturing methods have advanced significantly over the last few years. What began as Rapid Prototyping went through several evolutionary stages to develop into today's Additive Manufacturing (AM). The possibilities of this ground-breaking technology are impressive, but are far from exhausted owing to a deficit of information.

This is about to change, however. Eleven leading AM system manufacturers and suppliers, including voxeljet, have set themselves the goal of raising awareness of Additive Manufacturing with comprehensive information. The "Additive Manufacturing Industry Branding Initiative", proposed by system manufacturer Materialise, focuses on targeted communication strategies to be implemented in collaboration with an agency. "With this joint initiative we intend to bring the advantages of this technology to the attention of all potential users as quickly as possible and step up its use", says Dr. Ingo Ederer, CEO of voxeljet AG.


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