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New binder for pure white models and excellent burnout behaviour


Good news for those who place great importance on pure white plastic models. Effective immediately, the voxeljet service centre offers an optional new material system. The new material is called Polypor Type C and differs from Polypor Type A and Type B in that the finished plastic models feature a very white colour and are thus able to meet demanding requirements with respect to the models' look and feel.

Another advantage: The material is also ideal for dyeing purposes. Colours shine and colour intensity can be maintained over a long time period – a feature that conventional materials have not been able to offer to date. "Polypor Type C is the first choice for situations where the presentation of the plastic models takes centre stage. It will be a particularly popular choice for architectural models, design studies and similar," says a confident voxeljet Marketing & Sales Director Mr. Tobias King.

With respect to the other technical properties of plastic models made of PMMA, Polypor C behaves analogously to the materials used so far, with one important difference: The burnout behaviour is excellent, and the residual ash content is exceptionally low at 0.02 percent.This means that the binder is ideally suited for demanding precision cast parts made of titanium, for example.

In addition, Polypor C, which is free of aromatic compounds, is very environmentally friendly, does not pose any health risks and gives off a pleasant odour.


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