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Customer event with James Bond premiere


One thing is clear: The new James Bond film Skyfall is always worth a visit to the cinema. But: That was not the only reason behind voxeljet's invitation to an advance showing of the blockbuster on 31 October. The Augsburg-based high-tech company used the 3D printing method to create the three Aston Martin DB5 models that double for the now priceless original vehicle from the 1960s during the film's action scenes.

On the occasion of the new film, the company issued invitations for the film's opening night and demonstrated the creation of a true-to-original 3D model to interested guests. Dr. Ingo Ederer led the guests through the presentation with the help of a plastic model of the DB5, which was printed at the Augsburg service centre especially for this evening.

The voxeljet CEO explained the most important production stages of the 18-component models, which are built of plastic particle material, layer by layer. "An important factor is the excellent precision offered by voxeljet's 3D printing method as well as the mechanical stability of the plastic models, since the models are elaborately processed to appear completely authentic in the film," says Dr. Ederer.

The subsequent assembly, finishing, lacquering in the original colour, chroming of certain components and the application of realistic bullet holes was the task of the model builders at the British company Propshop Modelmakers Ltd., which is headquartered at Pinewood Studios. So it seems almost a shame that at least one of the three models, which are the result of painstaking work, goes up in flames in the film. An expensive crash, since one of the three models was auctioned off by Christie's for almost USD 100,000.

The event was a great success for voxeljet. "Our guests were surprised and excited about the 3D technology. In fact, it is not possible to distinguish between the Aston Martin models from the voxeljet printer and the original, even in the close-up shots. Unfortunately, the capacity of the cinema was limited to 150 seats, hence we were not able to invite all of voxeljet's customers, business partners and friends," says Rudolf Franz, CFO at voxeljet.

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