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Ford Motor relies on Polypor C


Ford Motor has recently commissioned a new voxeljet VX800 3D printing system that uses the new Polypor C material system at its AM Center in Dunton near London. The system was selected following an intensive testing and evaluation phase.

A good decision, according to Trevor Bentley, Application Engineer at Ford Motor: "We are very excited about the technical properties of the new binder. Polypor Type C is by far the best material we have ever used with a voxeljet system. The parts we have printed are very impressive, and our foundry men are very happy with the burn-off properties of the new material. The cast parts are of the highest quality with a very professional appearance. All of us are really happy with the new material."

Trevor Bentley believes that Polypor C's long shelf life and uncomplicated storage offer additional advantages. The binder does not have to be stored in the fridge at low temperatures. And: Polypor Type C is free of aromatic compounds and environmentally compatible; in addition, it does not pose any health risks and gives off a pleasant smell.

And by the way: users wishing to print design, architectural or other presentation models will also be excited about Polypor Type C. The new material differs from Polypor Type A and Type B in that the finished plastic models feature a very white colour and are thus able to meet demanding requirements with respect to the model's look and feel.


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