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From the VXConcept study to the series-ready VXC800


voxeljet presents the world's first continuous 3D printer VXC800. This series machine is based on the innovative VXConcept study, which garnered considerable attention at GIFA 2011. The VXC800 will celebrate its premiere at EuroMold 2012.

"Our presentation of the concept study was so well received that we decided on a rapid implementation of the project. The VXC800 establishes a completely new generation of machines that allows the building and unpacking process steps to run at the same time, without having to interrupt the operations of the system," says Dr. Ingo Ederer, CEO of voxeljet.

This leap in technology has become possible thanks to a novel patented design with a horizontal belt conveyor that controls the layer building. The layers are built at the entrance of the belt conveyor, while the unpacking takes place at the exit. The finished component can simply be removed from the rear end of the system when it has gone through the entire material.

The length of the moulds is virtually unlimited with this type of system, as there are no restrictions with respect to the length of the belt conveyor. The width and height of the build space are 850 x 500 mm. The VXC800 works with a 600 dpi high-definition print head and layer thicknesses ranging from 150 µm to 400 µm.

Apart from the technological highlights, users will be pleased with the investment and operating costs, which are lower than those of conventional systems. "The development of the world's first 3D continuous printer is a milestone not just for voxeljet but the entire industry. Orders for the machine can be placed as of the start of the EuroMold. The first deliveries are planned for the second quarter of 2013," says Dr. Ederer.

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