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voxeljet supports young talent


Finding well-qualified talent can be quite a challenge, especially for high-tech companies. Rudolf Franz, CFO of voxeljet in Augsburg, is well aware of this problem: "As a manufacturer of 3D print systems with an attached service centre, we are one of the fastest growing companies in the region. Qualified employees form the backbone of our company, therefore we are very concerned about the possibility of skilled labour shortages. As a result, we view the promotion of young talent as a societal duty, and have recently donated a 3D printer to the International School Augsburg (ISA)."

3D print technology will revolutionise industrial production in the next few years. Whether architecture models, hip joints, mobile phones or running shoes – many products will be made with 3D printers in the future. Therefore it is very important that pupils become familiar with these machines now. This issue is also close to Marcus Wagner's heart.

Hence ISA's Managing Director is very pleased with the voxeljet donation: "This printer provides the school with a special tool to offer pupils insights into design practice. This can create enthusiasm for future fields of study that require extensive knowledge in mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology. Germany and Europe need well-qualified young talent, particularly in the MINT areas, to remain competitive at a global level."

With the new printer, ISA can offer its pupils all of the possible options for designing an interdisciplinary teaching programme for natural science subjects. It is possible to design a 3D model using free software, such as Google Sketchup. ISA teaches its pupils theoretical design basics as part of the school's natural science course offerings. The product designed by the pupils can then be "printed" and examined as a real-life object.


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